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Case Results

  • Settlement of $2,750,000 for a multi-vehicle accident including a tractor-trailer resulting in quadriplegia to the plaintiff.

  • Settlement of $1,940,000 for a defective latch on a minivan.

  • Settlement of $1,030,000 for a plaintiff sustaining severe orthopedic injuries in a three (3) vehicle accident.

  • Settlement of $909,571 for a two (2) truck accident where a dump truck rolled over on a tractor-trailer causing multiple severe injuries including traumatic brain injury.

  • Settlement of $900,000 for a child on a bicycle struck a truck, resulting in a long term coma and ultimate demise.

  • Settlement of $700,000 for a Jeep rollover with multiple severe injuries.

  • Settlement of $625,000 for a workplace injury with a permanent ankle injury.

  • Settlement of $597,000 against a school board for student’s loss of an eye due to a gunshot wound. The injury resulted when the teacher allowed the student to leave the school building during the school day.

  • Settlement of $475,000 for an improperly guarded power miter saw resulting in traumatic amputation of several fingers.

  • Settlement of $282,000 on behalf of a steelworker injured due to violation of safety regulations on a job site resulting in numerous fractures.

  • Settlement of $290,000 to a plaintiff injured in a 2 car crash, causing him to sustain internal injuries.

  • Settlement of $225,000 on behalf of a diner patron who was struck by multiple plates that fell off a server's tray causing extensive neck injury.

All cases are different. Final results depend on the facts and circumstances surrounding individual cases. The results above are not a guarantee of recovery.